Serge Bielanko spent nearly fifteen years living in a van and cheap motel rooms as a guitarist/songwriter in a rock-n-roll band called Marah before turning to marriage, parenthood and writing. Serge’ s writing has appeared in The Huffington Post, Esquire, Yahoo, Babble,, YourTango, The Good Men Project and Purple Clover, among others. Serge’ s writing on marriage and divorce garnered the attention of the “Today Show”, on which he discussed what went wrong in his marriage. He continues to record albums and tour the world with Marah, sharing stages with much-respected artists like Bruce Springsteen, Jason Isbell, Ryan Adams, and Steve Earle. Noted authors Stephen King and Nick Hornby are among the band’ s dedicated fan base, and Hornby wrote an article about the band in the New York Times. Hornby also asked Serge to write a piece on marriage and fatherhood for Esquire. Stephen King selected the band’ s album “If You Didn’ t Laugh, You’ d Cry” as the best album of the Year for Entertainment Weekly. Serge maintains a personal website, Thunder Pie, where you can read his musings on fatherhood, marriage and divorce.