Why Do You Need Us to Hate Each Other?

The response to Serge and I choosing to chronicle this murky time of separation and divorce has been interesting, to say the least. Because we’re managing to be mostly cool with each other, people have either accused us of staging the whole separation for “Internet fame” (WTF?!) or they can’t understand why two people who still like each other aren’t together.

This fascinates me. The Internet fame thing is clearly a ridiculous notion. That someone would go through the heartbreak of separating their entire lives together they spent 10 years building — that they’d inflict that kind of heartbreak on three children who are the most important things in the world to them — is silly. I bring it up to note the fact that people would have an easier time believing that over a civil divorce between a couple that still likes each other to illustrate how people generally expect a divorce to play out in our society.

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